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The project I have been working on for the last 6 months is no longer a secret.

Secret Government Project

Today the OpenID Foundation, Information Card Foundation, and the US General Services Administation (GSA) are announcing the pilot proram for US gov sites accepting Information Cards, openID, and SAML.

InCommon has been working with the GSA and NIH for a while now so may be less news worthy, but they are no less a participant.

We have ten Identity Providers who are announcing today there participation in the pilot, and there intention to follow through with certification by one of the "Trust Framework Providers".

GSA Pilot information
Infocard Pilot information
OpenID Pilot information

Chris Messina post

The GSA Information card profile is in the final approval process.
The GSA OpenID profile was approved and released today.

I have been working closely with the Identity providers and the initial government RPs.

Testing has been going on for a while on Test-ID where there are example endpoints for IdP to test against.

Participation for Identity Providers is not limited to the ten announced today.

The Foundations will be accepting applications from interested IdP from around the world.
For those of us who arn't American the US Government is not restricting this to only US IdP.

Government agencies colaberate internationaly. The NIH is very interested in supporting people from around the world having access to it's resources.

I expect that we will see European and other IdP joining the program shortly.

I have also had conversations with other governments from around the world who are very intrested in this model. I expect some of them to develop there own trust frameworks for access to there resources as well.

I am hoping this is a turning point for the adoption of all federated identiy technology.

John B.